Offchan videos can be searched by these categories.

UK government department videos are posted on YouTube by most ministerial and non ministerial dept. as well as agencies, public bodies, public corporations and high profile groups.

  • Primeminister’s Office The latest from 10 Downing Street.
  • Parliament Live video streams are regularly posted from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
  • Ministerial Departments Government Department videos from the Attorney General’s Office, The Cabinet Office, Departments of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, Culture media and Sport, Education, Environment Food and Rural Affairs, International Development, and Trade, Transport, Work and Pensions, Health and Social Care, , the Treasury, Home Office and Ministry of Defence.
  • Non Ministerial Departments Government Department videos, including, the Charity Commission, Food Standards, Land Registry, HM Revenue and Customs, Ofgem, Ofsted and the Water Services Regulation, Authority.
  • Agencies and Public Bodies New information videos from agencies and public bodies including advisory agencies, Arts Councils, Civil Bodies, Government Commissions and Committees, Research Councils, National Museums, Public Advisory Boards, National Tourism agencies and UK Research Councils.
  • Public Corporations More news from public corporations not including the BBC and Channel 4, Civil Aviation Authority, Historic Royal Palaces, Office for Nuclear Regulation, Ordnance Survey and Pension Protection Fund
  • High Profile Groups The latest from Government High Profile Groups including Civil Service and Defence Bodies, Government financial, planning and property services, disability and equal opportunities groups.
  • Devolved Administrations UK Government Department videos from the Northern Ireland Executive, The Scottish Government, and the Welsh Government.
  • Local Government Productions from metropolitan authorities, county councils, and boroughs in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
  • The BBC the latest news from the BBC can be viewed on their external site
  • Channel 4 the latest news from Channel 4 can be viewed on their external site

Textual information, latest stories and the official websites from all UK Government administrations, departments, corporations, public bodies, agencies and high profile groups van be found on the Departments, agencies and public bodies page of

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