Thursday 23 May | LordsQs | House of Lords

At the start of business every sitting day Monday to Thursday, the House of Lords quizzes government on any topic it is responsible for. Government ministers or spokespersons answer members’ questions, and any member may take part. Turn on subtitles to see which member is speaking and for the full text of each question. On Thursday 23 May in #LordsQs: – Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe asked government what plans they have to sponsor research into the benefits of gaming for children’s mental health (0:00:01) – Baroness Meacher asked government whether the threat of prosecution under the Suicide Act 1961 is causing suffering to terminally ill people (0:07:52) – Baroness Rawlings asked government how they would ensure museums and galleries remain accessible to the public (0:15:55) – Lord Foulkes of Cumnock asked government for their assessment of the powers available to the Electoral Commission (0:22:48) Read the full transcript of yesterday’s questions in Lords Hansard: Watch all this week’s Lords questions on Parliament TV: