North Ayrshire – an inclusive, growing and enterprising economy

When we launched our new Council Plan – A Council that is Fair for All 2019-2024 – the economy and making it inclusive, growing and enterprising was a key priority. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight some of the work that’s been carried out and the people and partners who are all striving to help us get there. From the Colleges and Universities that we’ve joined forces with to help educate and upskill our workforce, to the business and organisations that have shown real vision to help people into sustainable employment. We know the world – and with it the economy – is changing. Quicker now than we imagined when we set out our vision in 2019. But we are helping businesses get ready for change, we are helping them grow and be innovative and ready to meet the challenges head on. And alongside that we need YOU – the people of North Ayrshire – to have the digital skills to come along with us and be ready.