‘Decided on by men’: oral histories from women MPs

This is a recording of a live event broadcast on 17th March at 6pm. The Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art presents its 8th Annual International Women’s Day Lecture. Following an extended introduction by Diane Abbott MP, join Dr Emma Peplow and Dr Priscila Pivatto, from the History of Parliament Trust, as they discuss the women MPs who found themselves in ‘a place decided on by men, for men’. Using interviews with 32 women MPs of different parties and backgrounds who sat between 1966 and 2001, this 75-minute event, will explore women’s responses to parliament’s masculine culture, and how they were able to pursue their political careers and interests in this environment. The History of Parliament Trust researches parliamentary politics, and parliamentarians, back to parliament’s origins in the 13th century. In 2011 it began an Oral History Project, in collaboration with the British Library, interviewing former MPs about their lives and experiences. In August 2020 an introduction to the archive, The Political Lives of Postwar British MPs was published by the speakers. Dr Emma Peplow is Head of Development at the History of Parliament Trust and is currently responsible for the Oral History Project. Dr Priscila Pivatto is Research Associate at the History of Parliament Trust and since 2011 has coordinated the Oral History Project. Visit the History of Parliament Trust website: https://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/ Find out more about the British Library Project here: https://sounds.bl.uk/Oral-history/The-History-of-Parliament-Oral-History-Project Get the book – The Political Lives of Postwar British MPs: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-political-lives-of-postwar-british-mps-9781350089266/