About Offchan

About Offchan
Welcome to OffChan.com, the only site where you can quickly access all of the latest video content from ministerial and non ministerial departments, public corporations, devolved administrations, agencies, public bodies, high profile groups and local authorities.
The UK government has embraced Youtube, as an important communication platform. Hundreds of new videos appear every week and they are mostly full of great content and well-produced. However, unless a person subscribes to over 300 different channels, they will not be able to keep track of everything that is being released. We created OffChan because it seemed obvious to us that even political insiders would be unlikely to do this (if they could even find them all), let alone an ordinary member of the public.
During the long days we spent tracking down all of the channels, it became clear to us that many of the videos were getting very few views, which must be very disheartening for those who have made them. Getting widespread exposure on YouTube is notoriously difficult, even for an important government department. Our hope is that viewing figures will eventually increase significantly, now that anybody can quickly find everything that has been released on any given day. If this happens, then those tasked with producing official government videos will hopefully feel encouraged to use the platform more.
At OffChan, we are constantly searching for new official channels that have been created and any that we may have overlooked. If you know of a channel that currently does not feature on our site then please get in touch, so that we can add it. We also welcome correspondence from those who find any channel or video on OffChan that is not official or appropriate.
In addition to the featured videos, you can also find links (updated in real-time) to important government pages. These include Parliament’s latest live tv feeds, podcasts, announcements, news, briefing papers, library notes, post briefs, post notes, publications, consultations, statistics, communications, legislation alerts and more.
Offchan is a completely independent website.  We receive no financial support from any organisation and have no political affiliation. Our aim is simply to provide government workers, journalists and members of the public with a handy hub that enables them to keep fully-abreast with official videos.
Our website is free to use and no membership is required. We hope you will add it to your bookmarks, tell friends and check back regularly. All feedback is welcome and we will do our upmost to respond quickly.
Geoff Sproson